New Samag tiller control panel

We proudly introduce our latest innovation: the redesigned tiller control panel, a solution that elevates design and functionality to new levels.


Innovative and Distinctive Design

The surface has been designed to not only look good, but to ensure maximum ergonomics. Attention to detail is reflected in the shape of the tiller control panel, which allows a natural grip and reduces operator fatigue during prolonged use.


Cleanliness and hygiene

The tiller control panel is available in a standard version and a specific version for environments requiring high standards of cleanliness and corrosion resistance. This dual approach makes it possible to meet the demands of various sectors, including those where hygiene is a priority, such as the food and pharmaceutical industries.


Tailor-made functionality

In addition to its ergonomic design, the tiller control offers the possibility of customising the controls according to specific operational needs.


The launch of the new tiller control panel demonstrates Samag's commitment to responding precisely and flexibly to its customers' needs. Starting from a standard model, it is possible to develop configurations that reflect the specific requirements of each industrial reality, thus guaranteeing a tangible improvement in terms of performance and comfort of use.


Samag's new tiller control is not just a product, but a promise of innovation, design and customisation that is perfectly suited to the dynamics and challenges of the handling industry.

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